Why I Don’t Open My Umbrella on a Rainy Day

An Explanation in Free Verse

(To Be Taken Seriously)

I inhale the rain

As it races down,

Straight and determined.


I have an umbrella,

But why?

Am I so vain

That I must raise

An artificial shield

Of man-made fibers

Between me

And the open sky?


With one blow

The wind could tear

My façade of decorum,

Turning my feeble vanity



Are appearances so very important

That I must shelter myself

From that which heals

Just because

It makes me cold,

For a while?


It takes courage to be natural,


There is more to being exposed

To the open face

Of Truth bathing you

Than a child

Who just likes to get wet –


A child who doesn’t care

What other people think –


Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.


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