The Baby of the Family

That last post was heavy.  I remember one time in high school when I gave a report in my American History class about Ralph Waldo Emerson and Transcendentalism, and the presentation ran a little long.  One of my classmates came up to me afterwards and said, “If you ever give a dissertation like that again, I will put my head on my desk and snore!”  Since the person who said that was the class valedictorian, I took the criticism seriously.  In that spirit, I have decided to post something a little more lighthearted today.

This is my cat:

Her name is Pookie, and as you can see, she is not fond of flash photography.  Also, as you can see, she considers herself a member of the family and has no trouble perching herself in front of whatever you’re looking at in order to get attention.  Pookie is the one member of the family who did not enjoy our vacation because we didn’t take her.  Someone came and fed her daily, but she was otherwise alone for the entire week.  The result is that she has been exceptionally clingy since we came home.  This behavior includes excessive purring, arching her back to indicate that she would like to be picked up, wallowing all over us when we sit down, and occasionally just sitting in front of us and gazing at us lovingly.  As I’ve pointed out to mother, who’s tired of picking up the cat, isn’t it nice to be appreciated?  The other night, while I was watching television with my laptop in my lap, she hopped up onto the arm of the recliner and put her head on my shoulder.

So in honor of my furry baby, here is my Top Ten List of reasons I love my cat:

10.  She’s quieter than a dog.

9.  She likes to play tag, which she initiates by swatting my ankle with her paw and running off in the other direction.

8.  She enjoys the Food Channel.  For Pookie, this consists of sitting in a window and licking her lips at the birds that flutter by in our yard.

7.  She is an indoor cat.  We do not let her outdoors, partly because of the birds that flutter by in our yard.

6.  She shares my love of green olives.  We don’t know why, but she will take an olive over a kitty treat any day.  When you open a jar, she can smell it from the other end of the house and comes running.  But she doesn’t eat the pimentos.

5.  She’s mushy.  We got her when she was only two months old, and apparently she thinks we’re all mama.

4.  When Mother is doing her Bible reading in the mornings, Pookie will climb onto the Bible and sit on it until Mother hugs her.  Mother finds this annoying; I call it standing on the Word.

3.  She’s cute.

2.  After seven years, she’s still playful.  She’s especially fond of the little plastic strips that you pull off the milk gallon lid.  She twirls them on her paw and bats them around the kitchen.

1.  Number one reason I love my cat is pure selfishness.  It’s hard not to love something that is so obviously partial to me.

There, now you know that I can occasionally be sentimental, after all.  Just don’t expect me to do it often.



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4 responses to “The Baby of the Family

  1. Lori

    Anne, I knew you had it in you!!! :o)

  2. debbie southern

    i have cats too and they all have their own personality but they all have a thing about sitting onanything they think you want to read because they want all the attention. I really like the part about stNDING ON THE WORD

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