One of Those Days

Am I the only one who can’t get that one gray hair?  You know, that one poking up on the top of my head – toward the back.  I tried to pull it out, but I kept pulling out the brown ones instead.  Even more aggravating, I found THREE more gray hairs while I was still trying to get the first one.

After pulling out about four of the perfectly good still-brown ones, I figured I wasn’t helping the ratio and gave up.

In other news today, it came up today that we have been members of University Parkway Baptist Church for nineteen years.  My mother expressed surprise.  Surely, it hasn’t been that long?  Why, yes it has.  We returned to UPBC when I was sixteen, and I am now thirty-five.

And I have the gray hairs to prove it.



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One response to “One of Those Days

  1. barb

    ha-ha-ha go ahead sis and get those little grays while they are only 1 or 2. My hair dress use to tell me….”you really have a nice streak of gray going on here”. Now I can’t find to many with color. That was a good visual trying to get one gray hair sticking up and missing each time. barb

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