Hola, New Jersey

The blog has now been up for two weeks, and I would like to thank those of you who are stopping by.  We’re almost up to 200 hits and, according to my site stats, I have three whole subscribers and my mother isn’t even one of them!

One interesting function of the blog is that I can keep track of subscribers, though they are identified by e-mail address only.  Each time one is added, WordPress shoots me a congratulatory e-mail that tells me where the subscriber “appears” to be from.  So far, all my subscribers are from New Jersey.  I know this may surprise the three of you who are on my list, since you all know me personally, and I have never been to New Jersey.  To my knowledge, I don’t know anyone from New Jersey.  And yet here we all are.  Such is the marvel of modern technology.

I would be tempted to e-mail WordPress and caution them that something may be awry with their GPS, since Johnson City is nowhere near New Jersey, but I find this quirk in the system oddly reassuring.  After all, how many times have we been warned that the Internet is destroying our privacy, and I suppose in some ways it is, but I suppose we may also find ourselves with the virtual anonymity of the proverbial needle in a haystack.  That is to say, that there will so many of us, the system will not be able to notice any of us.  I know that is hardly a substitute for the close-knit community of people living near each other that we still strive to hang onto in our local churches.  I, though, am relieved at the prospect that even if the worst case scenario happens, it may yet be alleviated by human error. Even if they can locate me at home in my pajamas, or a Chinese spy ring hacks my WiFi and uncovers – What? A recipe for banana pudding? – I will still have the consolation of knowing that I am still just so-and-so from New Jersey.

Hola, Garden State! Are you out there?


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  1. haha for the longest time when i would be in a hurry to look up johnson city school system… i would get johnson city, nj =) so this blog came as no suprise.
    -halie in good ol johnson city, tn♥

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