A Prayer

For those readers from my Wed. night class, the post I promised you last week is right below this one.  You can still comment and read comments.  The discussion is still open.  In the meantime, this is something I wrote last October.

A Prayer

(After Reading Hamacher’s “95 Theses of Philology”)

What mystery and beauty appear when You speak,

Divine Utterance, holy mystery,

Out of language You constructed the cosmos,

Material from the immaterial,

The insubstantial from the substantial,

And made of us, You and I, one sentence

Expressing the character of God.

I, a noun, subject and object,

You, the verb (I=AM),

In Whom things live and move and have their being.

Stars and comets, planets and nebulae –

So many adjectives, adverbs and prepositions.

Every water drop and winged insect an articulation

Of the divine imagination sparking

Within the eyes and minds of we who behold.

And in our longing for the reality of You,

We speak and love and know and dream,

And find our words broken, fragments only

Of a shattered mirror,

Seeking to make them whole in the all of You,

Stumbling to the knowledge that Truth is God.



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