Fractured Perspectives

As I was setting up this site, I found myself reflecting once again on the poignant ruins of Coventry Cathedral.  Firebombed by the Nazi’s during World War II, Coventry’s once beautiful Gothic church is now a fractured shell.  It’s stained glass windows were blown out and the interior was gutted.  They built a new cathedral, of course, but the remains of the old one were left as a memorial.

This broken church has become, to me, a picture of what it means to seek God as a broken person in a war-torn world.  We all see spiritual things, as Paul told us, “through a glass darkly” (I Cor. 13:12).  God is perfect and whole and infinite.  We are finite and find ourselves grasping the truth of Him one fractured piece at a time.  We sort and arrange those truths and put them together into pictures we can understand.  Then life happens.  Pain comes – or sorrow or loss or temptation – and our images of God are too fragile to withstand the explosion.  Our stained glass windows on the truth blow apart, and we find ourselves picking up the pieces and putting them back together again into new pictures, better and more complete than the ones we looked through before.

Isn’t God in the making and remaking of our Fractured Perspectives?  Knowing the limits of our understanding, He helps us take the puzzle apart and put it back together over and over again, confident of the day when we shall see Him as He really is (I John 3:2) and know as we are known (I Cor. 13:12).  We are hybrid creations – in the world but not of the world – and He knows we need the pictures.  He also wants us to grow in our understanding because our own role as divine image-bearers depends on it.

Welcome to Stained Glass Reflections!  Not all the posts will be as serious as this one, but I do hope this will become a place where we can meet together to discuss the pictures that God is giving us of Himself.  May Christ be glorified and His church blessed in all ages.




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2 responses to “Fractured Perspectives

  1. Love the new pic!!! I think you need be teaching my Philosophy of Religion seminary class.

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